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The Antidote Agency founder and Editor in Chief Suzanne Duckett is a journalist with over 20 years’ experience working on the most prestigious beauty, health, wellness and travel pages. 

From Health and Beauty Director to freelance contributor and supplement Editor for national magazines, newspapers and global beauty and wellness brands, 

Suzanne has worked with, and for the best in the business and been commissioned talent, commissioner and talent finder. She understands both the editorial and commercial side of beautiful story telling. 

Known for getting to the heart of all sorts of beauty and wellbeing topics and creating excellent content personally, Suzanne is regularly called upon to matchmake the best individuals and team for the brief.
A roving Editor if you will, 

Suzanne set up The Antidote Agency to bring these skills and collaborations to other brands and businesses and can hand-pick and manage the perfect team for your project. 
Selecting from a highly experienced pool of demanding creative talent,
The Antidote Agency collective of journalists, designers, digital and social experts, bloggers, photographers and illustrators have worked on national and international publications and brands across all ages and demographics
on glossy high-end magazines, newspapers, leading websites and heritage beauty and wellness brands. 



Suzanne Duckett

Suzanne Duckett 

Founder and Editor in chief


Sas & Yosh

Sas + Yosh

In-house illustration


Both Sarah Bellisario and Yoshie Allan of Sas + Yosh have a wealth of experience in the art and design industries. Yoshie is the author of five illustration books and Sas is a freelance and published illustrator and art lecturer. As well as designing their own collections, Sas + Yosh also work with a number of brands, hotels, designers and individuals to create bespoke prints, wallpapers, textiles and illustrations.





We cherry-pick the very best talented, passionate people that are experts in their field, creating the A team to fulfil your brief. 



Success has many fathers and is the result of synergy... we believe in
the power of the collective. 


Purpose & meaning

Why are you doing what you’re
doing? We bring a strong sense
of purpose, clarity and meaning
to any project.



Through decades of experience we know how to talk and connect with readers and customers by tuning in to where they are in their lives, heads and hearts.



We are not yes people and will politely decline projects we don't believe in. Being independent, opinionated thinkers, it’s the way we’re wired so will always give you honest feedback.